April 22, 2016


Q 1: Is Herbal Madhunashni have any side effects?
Ans: Herbal Madhunashni is a pure natural herb it does not contain any toxic element which is harmful for the human body.

Q 2: Can Herbal Madhunashni cure diabetes?
Ans: Diabetes is not a curable disease,we can control diabetes but we cannot cure it and with Herbal Madhunashni you can control your sugar level in a natural way without any side effect.

Q 3: Is Herbal Madhunashni beneficial for the type-3 diabetes patient?
Ans: No we did not recommend the Herbal Madhunashni for the patient who are suffering from type-3 diabetes. Herbal Madhunashni is only for the type-2 diabetes patient.

Q 4: Is Herbal Madhunashni is beneficial for the Insulin Dependent patients?
Ans: Yes, Herbal Madhunashni is very beneficial for those people also who are totally dependent on insulin injections for there diabetes problem, with the regular use of Herbal Madhunashni the diabetic patient can reduce the units of insulin.

Q 5: How to diagnose diabetes and what are the symptoms of diabetes?
Ans: To confirm the diagnosis of diabetes you have to go through from the fasting plasma glucose test or a casual plasma glucose test& the symptoms of the diabetes are:-
Severe increased thirst.
Frequent Urination.
Unexplained Weight Loss.
Increased Hunger.
Blurry Vision.
Tingling in your hands or feet.
Wounds that don’t heal.

Q 6: Can we use Herbal madhunashni and my allopathy medicine together, are there any side effects?
Ans: Yes you can use a Herbal Madhunashni along with your allopathy medicine there is no any side effect by using together because Herbal Madhunashni is pure natural Herb and there is no any side effect of Herbal Madhunashni. But once you start the course of Herbal Madhunashni after 90 days of course, once your sugar level comes normal please reduce the dosage of allopathic medicine after consulting your doctor and continue using Herbal Madhunashni.

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